I C G -- International Collaboration on Gonococci
Message from the Co-ordinator

Thank you for visiting the website of the International Collaboration on Gonococci – the ICG. This informal collaboration provides a focus and resource for those with an interest in the control of gonorrhoea through the application of laboratory-based approaches. The particular areas of interest of the ICG are laboratory diagnosis of gonococcal disease, typing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in the gonococcus.

 The website has further details of the origins, membership and meeting history of the ICG, but it is an informal and voluntary group of diverse health professionals, mostly with scientific, medical and public health backgrounds. Membership is free (contact Magnus Unemo: magnus.unemo@orebroll.se) and communication is by electronic means that include a web-based network kindly provided by the Canadian public health system.

 The ICG grew out of many years of informal professional contacts. Originally interest was centred on anti-microbial resistance surveillance and there was substantial interaction with the World Health Organization aimed at establishing a global system for this purpose. This ambition was never realised, but the original and now expanded aims of this project survive in the ICG and links are maintained with the WHO mapping facility on this site.

 A number of individuals have contributed significantly to the formation and maintenance of the ICG over many years. Particular mention is made of personnel at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, groups in several institutions in Canada and the United Kingdom, and the State Serum Institute in Copenhagen.

 Apart from electronic links between members, the ICG tries to meet at relevant international conferences. So far these have been principally at the International Society for STD Research (ISSTDR) and the International Pathogenic Neisseria Congress (IPNC). These meetings are mostly held bi-annually in Europe or North America. The web site has links to these organisations and a record of ICG discussions at these meetings.

 All ICG members have other full-time occupations, and time that can be devoted to the ICG activities is therefore constrained. Despite this limitation, the ICG has some significant achievements as a group and from its individual members. These may also be found on this web-site.

 If you have an interest in some or all of the aims of the ICG you are warmly encouraged to participate in its activities.

Best wishes 

John Tapsall
Co-ordinator ICG