I C G -- International Collaboration on Gonococci
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Papers on AMR suveillence

Western Pacific Region
1. Annual report, WHO Western Pacific Region Gonococcal Surveillance, 2004. Surveillance of antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the WHO Western Pacific Region 2004. 2006 (PDF)

2. Annual reports of the WHO Western Pacific Region Gonococcal Surveillance for other years. (http://www.health.gov.au/internet/wcms/Publishing.nsf/Content/cda-pubs-annlrpt-gonoanrep.htm)

Latin America and the Caribbean

J.R. Dillon, Ruben, M., H. Li, Borthagaray, G., Marquez, C., Fiorito, S., Galarza, P., Portilla, J.L., Leon, L., Agudelo CI, Sanabria OM, Maldonado A, and Prabhakar P. Challenges in the control of gonorrhea in South America and the Caribbean: monitoring the development of resistance to anitibiotics. 2006 (PDF)
Sosa, J., S. Ramirez-Arcos, M. Ruben, H. Li, R. Llanes, A. Llop, and J.R. Dillon. High percentages of resistance to tetracycline and penicillin and reduced susceptibility to azithromycin characterize the majority of strain types of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates in Cuba 1995-1998. 2003 (PDF)
Márquez, C., J.R. Dillon, V. Rodriguez and G. Borthagaray. Detection of a novel tetM determinant in tetracycline-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae from Uruguay 1996-1999. 2002 (PDF)
Dillon, J.R., H. Li, J. Sealy, M. Ruben. Antimicrobial susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from three Caribbean countries - Trinidad, Guyana and St. Vincent. 2001 (PDF)
Dillon, J.R., J-P.A. Rubabaza, A. Schwartz Benzaken, J.C.G. Sardinha, H. Li, M.G. Campos Bandeira, and E. Dos Santos Fernando Filho. Reduced susceptibility to azithromycin and high percentages of penicillin and tetracycline resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from Manaus, Brazil. 2001 (PDF)


1. Annual report of the Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme, 2005 (PDF)
2. Annual reports of
the Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme for other years. (http://www.health.gov.au/internet/wcms/Publishing.nsf/Content/cda-pubs-annlrpt-gonoanrep.htm)

Papers on AMR mechanisms

Papers on other aspects

1. Kakoli Roy, Susan A. Wang, and Martin I. Meltzer. Optimizing treatment of Antimicrobial-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae.  2005 (PDF)