I C G -- International Collaboration on Gonococci
International Collaboration on Gonococci (ICG) Workshop in conjunction with the 15th International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference (IPNC 2006) 

Cairns, North Queensland, Australia
September 10-15, 2006  


Dr. John Tapsall chaired this ICG workshop. Approximately 50-70 people attended the workshop.


1. Dr. David Trees moderated a session on gonococcal typing which contained 
excellent presentations from Drs. Magnus Unemo (Presentation PDF), Jo-Anne Dillon (Presentation PDF) and Margaret Bash (Presentation PDF)

2. A clear exposition of the current position on molecular diagnostics for GC was present by Dr. David Whiley (Presentation PDF). 

3. Dr. Mingmin Liao provided updates on the ICG website, and Dr. Lai-King Ng presented and provided updates on the electronic contact facility (https://www.cnphi-rcrsp.ca/cnphi/index.jsp).

The length of the session was constrained by the programming, but all who attended were able to hear thoughtful and informed opinions. All the speakers have kindly agreed to post their presentations on the ICG website. Thank you all who contribute to the ICG session. The next ICG workshop will be in conjunction with the 17th meeting of the ISSTDR scheduled July 29 – August 1, 2007, in Seattle, Washington, USA (http://www.isstdr.org).